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Unknown Report

Herkunft: Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom
Musikrichtung: United Kingdom
Unknown Report is highly anticipating an adventurous 2015. Having released their single "Outsider" from their upcoming second EP "Hole in the Ground".
Unknown Report is a five-piece band, based largely in Medway. Since March 2013 they have been spreading their name around the Kentish areas and making regular forays into London.
Affectionately self-described as “hybridized funk synth rock,” they are a quirky and curious amalgam of styles combining funk grooves, rhythmic keys, blues guitar and synth-pop. Their music, coloured by a driving percussive force hailing from South Africa, also features harmonies, and is anointed by a wide-ranging and dark baritone lead singer. They have a fierce individuality, and are passionate about broadening the boundaries of popular music.

The shows have been described as exuberant, confident, charismatic and shameless, - the crowd’s ‘guilty pleasure’. This is due to how they indulge in embodying lyrical meaning, and the energy of a live set.

Our own compositions have been broadcasted on various radio stations in the UK, such as sunlight FM, Sheppy FM and other various online Stations.

Over 50 shows last year alone, including Venues such as:

Dublin Castle
New Cross
Red Lion
Beacon Court
And many others…

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