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We Will Run

Herkunft: Köln
Musikrichtung: Alternative Pop
We Will Run"s inspiration arises from one simple fact: that there is no greater expression of feelings than writing lyrics and putting them into melodies to create a song. It"s like building a home, arranging all the furniture, moving in and filling it with all your emotions. Every time you open the front door you feel the soul inside of it.
We Will Run does not fit into just one musical context. The songs range from pumping electro sounds to heavy dance beats without forgetting the softer tones. In the end, it"s pop music at its finest. We Will Run ́s lyrics are both autobiographical and about the world, the people around them and the many different impressions they absorb before bringing them to life in the songs. We Will Runs ́s goal is to touch the audience with strong melodies, strong rhythms and, most importantly, strong emotions. They are not afraid of being completely open and letting go of social and musical conventions.

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