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Grown Cold

Herkunft: Deventer, Netherlands
Musikrichtung: metalcore
Hi Organisation Bochum Total
Grown Cold released their First album early 2012 and is going back into the studio early 2013 with new material, louder, more brutal, more technical and especially with more energy, ( think of a mix between; The ghost inside / Obey the Brave / Parkway Drive ) but this is just a small reference.
Offcourse it goes together with heavy and energetic liveshows that we would love to do at this awesome festival

Grown Cold makes metalcore. No-nonsense, energetic and determined.
We are from the Netherlands and this is a little something we did last Two years:
- 2 international clubtours through Germany / Netherlands
- Tour through Poland
- Altersonic showcases
- An amount of Festivals ( Bevrijdingsfestival, Geuzenpop, ao. )
life footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRRdmxFd5J0
- And shared the stage with bands as: Born From Pain (NLD) / Heideroosjes (NLD) / Shoot the Girl First (FR) / the Acacia Strain (US) / Pro-Pain (US)
- and going on 2 europe tours end of this year.

( Full biography can be mailed )

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