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Herkunft: DE
Musikrichtung: Latin Rock pop
Juan Restrepo.. (guitarist / composer / producer).. completed several masters courses in music in New York before being awarded a scholarship at the world-renowned, Berklee College Of Music in Boston/USA, beyond which he studied music in Germany and won the competition, "Jugend Jazz" (Youth Jazz), proving that he is not just recognized on the Latin-music scene. An endorser of Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Weisse Huegel Instruments, Juan also composes for different artists like Cristobal Galvez (Pop Star), Olvido (Cubanova / SONY) and several others. He also plays in various big bands, with W. Niedecken (BAP), with Locos por Juana (Latin Grammy 2005/ American Grammy 2008) and is neither a stranger at festivals, on the European circuit nor on the international scene...

Marco Matias.. (vocals)..After graduating Marco Matias became a member of the famous a capella ensemble, "Voice Sings". Together with his band, "Atlantico" he participated in the Portuguese "Festival Jovem das Comunidades Portuguesas" (Youth Festival of the Portuguese Communities), an international festival for young artists, where he won third place. Afterwards, he produced an album in Portuguese and guest starred on numerous Portuguese television shows. Marco also took second place in the televised talent show, "Die Deutsche Stimme" (The German Voice), airing on ZDF. Representing Switzerland in 2006, he competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (Grand Prix), performing the song, "A Miracle of Love" as a member of the group,

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