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Herkunft: berlin
Musikrichtung: psychedelic-lo-fi blues
Hi guys,

Our name is IQUADRO, we are a Berlin-based three-piece band (baritone elect. guitar, cardboard box percussion and acoustic guitar).

We play something we like to call Psychedelic-Lo-Fi Blues.

It"d be great if you could book us for a gig.

Hope you like what we do and find us a slot! Below you find a short press kit. For more info please refer to our site www.myspace.com/iquadro


"They don"t give a shit and we love them anyway. Iquadro do filthy blues things with guitars in swamps. Pianos are thoroughly perverted. There is drawling of the most incoherent and fetching kind, the bass lines are sex crimes in their own right." (Unpeeled.co.uk)

IQUADRO is a Berlin based trio founded in 2007 by singer-guitarist Ivan Imperiali. They call their music "psychedelic-lo-fi blues". It is a rough mix of dirty guitars and percussion melted together by deep bluesy vocals. Their first effort is a 12 track album ("Iquadro" - 2007) which gained great interest among critics and audiences with its raw and loose production , its indie-blues guitar riffs and Ivan"s half-sung half-spoken lead vocals that bring to mind classic Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart.
Songs like M10 Funky Little Tram, Give Me That Pfand Boy or I Like You Better When I"m Drunk are cut-out sketches of everyday life in the big gray metropole that evolve into passionate screams to the whole world. www.myspace.com/iquadro

"The band"s home produced effort is full of emotion, power and passion, Iquadro make for a refreshing chance as you know that what you hear is what you get (...). It is an incredible introduction to a compelling band, and I"m sure if you like unpolished moody indie rock with waves of raw guitar and evocative vocals you"ll be rubbing your hands in anticipation after hearing this too". Rating 10/10 (rhythm-and-booze.co.uk)

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