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The Anxiety Infect

Herkunft: Bochum
Musikrichtung: Metal
The Band was formed in November 2008 by Jan and Thrasher as a nameless Project first. Both wanted to form a metal based band because of their love for Metal music. At that point Jan was a freshman on guitar and Thrasher has gathered his first band experience in some Hardcore bands but he was looking for some different approach on playing drums.
After recognizing of Jan"s songwriting potential they started to find other musicians to complete the Line-Up.
First Marcel was hired as the second Guitar player and the first songs surfaced the light of this world. But as usual a lot of other musicians joined and left the band.
In Summer Patrick (ex DieForMyParadise) joined the Band as a vocalist. Shortly after that the band was nemed "The Anxiety Infect" and the band got ready to record their first Demo. Therefor they contacted Martin and asked him to produce their Demo. During recording the band an Martin decided to work together and Martin (ex Failed Perfection) filled the position of the missing bassplayer. When the demo recording was finished the band was thinking about their material. The fact that the material is truly brutal on the one hand an extremly melodic on the other, the band decided to hire Thommy as the third guitar player to be able to reproduce their songs live in every aspect.
Now, in 2010, the band is preparing to enter the Stage to spread the word about the anxiety infect.

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