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Herkunft: Montepulciano (Italien)
Musikrichtung: Metal-Psychedelic-Progressiv-Rock
18 years of music history. The Dithyrambs FORMED in 1989 in the formation bass, guitar/vocals, keyboard, drums. The early influences, which TO THE PRESENT DAY are still significant to the band, "came primarily" from the psychedelic era, the most energetic Rock of the 60"s/70"s and TRASH METAL, at the time very popular. Their songs are self-composed; written by Andrea Pacini and arranged by the band in a collaborative effort. The two band members of the initial formation are Andrea Pacini (guitar/vocals) and Francesco Biagianti (drums). The remaining line-up was subject to miscellaneous changes, therefore we leave it at a short, chronological abstract: DEPARTURE of the first keyboard player - 3-PIECE line-up - ARRIVAL of a new keyboard player - DEPARTURE of the new keyboard player - 3-PIECE line-up - ARRIVAL of a second guitar player - DEPARTURE of the second guitar player - 3-PIECE line-up - DEPARTURE of the bass player - SEARCH for a new practice ROOM - ARRIVAL of a new bass and a new second guitar player - DEPARTURE of both - ARRIVAL of a new bass player - 3-PIECE line-up - DEPARTURE of the new bass player - ARRIVAL of the CURRENT bass player Daniele Mencarelli - 3-PIECE line-up. In parallel with the personel changes the band had to strive against impacts that did not depend on the musician"s"" goodwill (notice of practice ROOM and lots of other unpleasant events of all kinds), too. To the supporters" cost, THE CONSEQUENCE WAS several overlong breaks of the otherwise stage-obsessed band. After the first demos, RECORDED in the time between 1989 and 1993, started spreading (which got a fantastic REVIEW in Italy (H/M, this magazine sadly no longer exists), in Germany (Iron Pages, Underground Empire) and in numerous fanzines) and thanks to their attendance at several festivals and contests (Rock Contest, Anagrumba), the band managed to pass on the region of their hometown Montepupulciano early and gave NUMEROUS concerts in Central Italy, such as Exaffa Club Perugia, Topsy Pub Livorno, youth center Pistoia, youth center Florenz

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