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Herkunft: Dinslaken / Germany
Musikrichtung: Crossover, Rock, Funk
About us:

Germany, Dinslaken 2003 their first heroes had strong bodies full of anabolica, funny names and they were able to hurl flashes out of their eyes. The next generation of heroes had stupid names too but they had cool leather-outfits with long hairs and they were playing guitar. Then the 4 young and talented guys got to know each other an banded togehter to strike new paths in their lifes to live the dream of being famous rockstars. Trying to create music which reflects their feelings and emotions by not being slushy at the same time, SunGun blend together best parts of Melodic, Alternative, Heavy, Funk and Rock-Sounds combined with profound lyrics, to fit in the next generation of modern rock music. They grew up listening to bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Lit and New Found Glory or other US Punkrockers as well as harder stuff by 80s gods like Iron Maiden, Metallica or M

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