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Herkunft: United Kingdom
Musikrichtung: Rock/Synth Pop
In a vibrant south-east corner of London, Brit-Rock band Fonixx are causing waves with their upbeat genre-bending
sound and energetic live performances. An eclectic mash-up of cultures, they are formed of:
London-Irish singer/songwriter Bri Walsh (discovered by jazz icon Jack DeJohnette)
Guitarist and composer Ra Pallaram (a Choi-
Kwang-Do blackbelt with roots from Mauritius)
Chemistry genius and bass player Dan Stafford and
Actor turned award winning drummer Jack Cowling.

With influences from The Who?, The Killers, Coldplay and U2, a string of live dates at top London venues including The Alley Cat (Denmark Street, London) and The Vibe Bar (London)
as well as their debut single "Yeah Yeah Yeah" soon to be aired on Cambridge Radio, Fonixx are one to watch!

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